1962: It all begins the name Havaianas is Portuguese for Hawaiians. The first pair of Havaianas was born in 1962, based on the traditional Japanese sandal known as the Zori, whose soles are made of rice straw. The texture of Havaianas’ rubber soles are like rice grains, one of the many details that make Havaianas unmistakable.


Havaianas hits the road: By 1964 practically every worker in Brazil wore a pair. Traveling salesmen in their vintage vans would take Havaianas throughout the countryside cities in Brazil and sell Havaianas directly from their vans. The vans were always greeted with excitement and Havaianas were distributed in simple plastic bags.


Yes, Havaianas invented the flip-flops. Here it is our proof: in 1966, Alpargatas registers the patent for the rubber flip-flops, the brand’s greatest invention: a sole with a strap decorated with two parallel threads, each formed by small friezes of interwoven dashes.